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A few ground rules:

  • Everyone is welcome to use the WALL, and the Museum of Copenhagen greatly appreciates the fact that you would like to contribute. However, it is imperative that all users behave appropriately. In short, it is important that you do not use the WALL to disturb others or spread illegal material.
  • Please note that your material may be used on the WALL for the duration of its existence. Furthermore, your material may be entered into the museum’s collections.

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Terms & conditions

Welcome to the WALL!

The Museum of Copenhagen would hereby like to bid you welcome to the WALL. The aim of this agreement is to ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions that apply in relation to the content you upload, both in terms of what types of material are allowed on the wall and how these may be used by the museum. It is also aimed at safeguarding your copyrights to whatever material you upload. Following on from this, please note that it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you only upload material/contents whose copyrights you possess. Finally, the agreement describes the terms and conditions that apply when using the WALL.

While the terms & conditions described in this agreement apply to the use of the physical Wall situated in public spaces around the city, they also apply to the use of web-pages connected to the "WALL" menu on The Museum of Copenhagen's website. Please note that you automatically confirm this agreement when you use the WALL, be it the physical version or on the website, i.e. regardless of whether or not you have read the terms and conditions that apply.

The WALL is a dynamic entity and as such it is bound to change over time. Therefore it is quite possible that the terms and conditions of use will also be altered along the way. Should this be the case, they will of course be updated here on the website. Yet again, please note that you are bound by the terms and conditions of the agreement as described here, regardless of whether or not you have received direct notice of possible updates. In short, your continued use of this website confirms your acknowledgement of the existing terms and conditions.


Anyone who would like to be a member of the network surrounding the WALL is welcome. Members are to conduct themselves with propriety and behave appropriately – in short: be sure to treat others, as you yourself would like to be treated. While discussion, provocation and debate are allowed on the WALL, the Museum of Copenhagen reserves the right to exclude members who use the WALL to bully, abuse, exclude, harass or expose others. Similarly, the WALL is not to be used to spread racism, sexism, pornography or illegal content. Finally, one is not permitted to present oneself as someone other than oneself. Naturally, one is not allowed to hack into, or in any other way attempt to undermine the website in order to damage the WALL or the computers of its users.

The Museum of Copenhagen can terminate your membership, and if necessary hand the case over to the authorities, should you break one or more of these terms and conditions while active on the WALL.

While a member, you are responsible for all actions that are carried out on the WALL in your (membership) name. Therefore, please be sure not to pass on your username or password to others.

Materials on the WALL

The Museum of Copenhagen does not authorise material prior to it being uploaded to the WALL. Therefore, use of the WALL is at one's own risk. However, we would appreciate it immensely if you would contact us should you see or experience something on the WALL that you find either offensive or clearly in violation of these terms and conditions. You can either send an e-mail to or press the "report this" button that accompanies all material on the WALL.

The WALL is a communications project that is to exist in public and on the internet over the coming years. Material that is uploaded to the WALL will be on display for the duration of the project. The WALL opens for interaction between its users. Not only can others see your materials, they can also incorporate them in their personal albums or comment upon them. Also, we cannot keep others from copying your material and using it in other contexts. Nevertheless, the copyrights to your own materials remain yours, and your material will always be kept together with whatever metadata you have attributed to it (including, username, other information and tags).

By authorising this agreement you are also authorising others to copy and recycle your material on the WALL and elsewhere. In order to use material from the WALL elsewhere, its origins must be noted, as must details of its copyright-holder. Material from the WALL is not to be used for commercial purposes.

Your material in museum storage

The Museum of Copenhagen takes backup copies of the WALL and its contents on a regular basis. By confirming this agreement you are authorising that the Museum of Copenhagen may save the material you have uploaded to the WALL and retain it long after the WALL has been closed down. Subsequently, your material may become part of the museum’s collections, and be used in the museum’s research, communication and marketing activities. The museum may contact you in order to hear more about your material if you provided your contact details when registering as a member of the WALL.


Your personal data will only be used in connection with the WALL. The Museum of Copenhagen will not pass on your personal data to third parties, just as it will never sell your personal data. However, should you either violate the terms and conditions of this agreement, or use the WALL for activities in violation of Danish legislation, the museum can pass on your personal data to the relevant authorities. Finally, The Museum of Copenhagen may contact you in relation to material you upload.

Feel free to contact, if you have any queries in relation to the agreement at hand.

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